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The legacy Datadoodle and the new Datadoodle

Datadoodle has been through several phases. From the start, in 2007, I’ve covered emergent trends, people, and exciting vendors, always with an eccentric, human-centered point of view. In 2008, I was the only media/industry analyst to cover Tableau’s first conference. I covered the emergence of Lyza, the famous tool by Scott Davis that fired a few years too soon. (He left the industry and is now happily designing and building yachts.) Also, the emergence of “cowboy” analysts who’d been set loose by Tableau, Qlik, and other new sprouts. Still later, I covered data storytelling (the real kind) and so-called “smart cities.”

Today, after a nearly two-year pause, Datadoodle’s back. Let’s see what it covers.

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