Nov 4, 2022 • 29M

Writing resumes for tech pros in 2022

Jennifer Hay, IT resume specialist, on tech-resume strategies that work

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Ted Cuzzillo
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Jennifer Hay has been writing resumes for technology professionals for more than 15 years — and as you would expect, she’s got some advice that might surprise you.

How does a tech pro present up-to-date knowledge and accomplishment while also demonstrating all the other less-than-obvious requirements? How does it tell the right stories in the right way?

While she’s advising her clients, she’s also keeping an eye on trends. One thing she sees is bad advice coming from resume generalists. What works for the non-tech job seeker often fails to work for tech pros.

Other points

  • Who among your friends you should ask for resume advice and who not to ask.

  • How a resume can work for you in your interview

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